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Airport: Niue International Airport - youtube

Elaine Faleuka-Karena wins Miss Niue Aotearoa 2014

Hundreds of screaming fans gathered in South Auckland to help celebrate this year's Miss Niue Aotearoa. The event's fast becoming popular within the Niuean c...
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My Niue Movie

From: C Winter
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THECOCONET.TV Travel Tips: Niue

TRAVEL TIPS: NIUE 2400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand and a part of the triangle formed by the Kingdom of Tonga to the west, the Samoa's to the north a...
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Fresh Episode 25 - Polyfest Niue: Tyree

Directed by Shimpal Lelisi Fresh Saturday 10am TV2 Web: Facebook: Twitter:
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Niue Island :: Frank Bunce

All Black great Frank Bunce returns to his motherland for a fishing and golfing getaway. Niue Island is a truly unique location and the nine hole course is p...
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Niue Airport Activity: 7/2/14 & 14/2/14-21/2/14: [clip 3]

This video is about niue airport & terminal 3.
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Population in Niue decreasing...

Depopulation has been a major concern for the tiny island...there are over 20000 Niueans now living in New Zealand compared to around 1500 people who remain...
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Spearfishing Niue 2013

This is a video of our recent trip to Niue. 100+ meters viability and pelagic species everywhere. This is an ultimate destination for any keen spearo! All fo...
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Niue Language Week

It's an important week this week for our Niuean community as they celebrate or Vagahau Niue or Niuean Language week. In New Zealand, only one in four Niueans...
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International Rugby League 2013: Niue vs Vanuatu (Pre Game ,1st Half- Part 1)

This video includes the arrival of both Vanuatu and Niue to the Stadium , pre-game preperation , warm up (both teams), National anthems from both nations and...
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Niue è un'isola di 259 km² localizzata nel sud dell'Oceano Pacifico, ad est di To Niue (Niuē Fekai in lingua niueana) è un'isola nazione situata nel sud dell...
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Snorkeling and Sea Tracks on Niue Island.m4v

Over 7 days in late September 2012 my wife and I stayed on Niue Island which is situated about 250km's east of Tonga in the South Pacific. Our first day was ...
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Niuean Dance by Miss Niue 2013, Miss Nina Erica Nemaia

Miss Niue 2013, the talented Miss Nina Erica Nemaia, performing her 'pitch' item as her introduction to the Miss Niue Pageant 2013. Contemporary Niue dance p...
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Island Life on Niue.m4v

You've always asked yourself, I'd like to travel to Niue but what's it like there?... Well here it is, a quick slideshow of images taken around the island, i...
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Sailing Across the Pacific Ocean 2013 (Part 19) - Exploring Niue

Niue is home to some of the clearest waters and friendliest people in the world. It is also home to the world's most challenging dinghy dock. Watch this epis...
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The National Anthem of Niue 'Ki Niue Nei'

More on
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Moea Girls Niuean dance - Niue High School

A Niuean dance by the girls from Moea House of Niue High School . Performed at the Niue High School 'Global Talents' Ethnic Concert in April 2013.
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Galiki Family Reunion 2014 - NIUE ISLAND

Item performed by the Galiki Family from NZ & AUS Venue: Tuatea, Hakupu Atua - Niue Island By Jen Etuata.
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Copyright disclaimer! I do NOT own these songs or pictures shown on this video clip. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringem...
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'Tama Afine' by Island Pride - Niuean Song

Song composed and performed by Island Pride, music band of the Hekesi brothers from Niue. Music composed especially for Vanessa Marsh, former Miss Teen Niue ...
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PAL Philippine Tamaraw vs Niue, Sydney October 4th 2014

The Emerging Nations Tournament 2014 played against PAL Philippine Tamaraws vs Niue playing each other on Saturday, 4th October 2014 Ringrose Park, Wentworth...
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Spearfishing NIUE

With up to 80M visability, Spearfishing specific FADS and Pelargic species of world record standards you need to check out the quality of spearfishing in Niu...
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KOE ATA NEI NE OLE MAI PAUAKI HE IKIVAKA KO B.V. KE TAUSE AU KE LATA MOE Presentation moe farewell e kau ... tuku aki taha lologo ... ai nimo THIS SPECIAL VI...
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Pacific Beat - Afine Niue

Niuean Song Excellent Lyrics Sung By Kasaini Vaipulu.
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Husky - Niue

DJ Patricia and Jacek Dojwa deliver.... enjoy the finest Polish lounge music! Artist- Husky, Album- Zgadnij, Year- 2006 N.B.: All copyrights reserved to thei...
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