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Queenstown (NZQN) VOR/DME C: Circling approach for RWYS 05 and 23

This is a flight video of the VOR/DME C: Circling approach for RWYS 05 and 23 at Queenstown (NZQN).
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Landing NZQN 05

Landing at New Zealand's premier vacation destination.
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NZQN Landing in Flight Deck ATR-72500

Landing in Queenstown after departing Christchurch in Mount Cook Airline's ATR72-500.
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ORBX new NZQN Queenstown

My first take at this marvel.
From: ftp2leta
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Pouso em NZQN - 1080p

Por mais que os passageiros achem linda a visão que eles tem, nunca será a mesma da cabine de comando.
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Landing: Queenstown Intl (NZQN) - A320

Landing at Queenstown International airport (NZQN) on runway 05 in an Airbus A320.
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NZQN VOR-C Approach

Demonstration of the VOR-C Approach to Queenstown NZ in the Boeing 737-800.
From: barbsldsr
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737ngx Queenstown (NZQN) 05 Approach. FSX

The RNAV 05 approach into Queenstown, New Zealand, (NZQN). Using the PMDG 737ngx, Qantas. Also Terrain Mesh for New Zealand from Vector Land Class. Flight Si...
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Landings at Queenstown NZQN

2 Jetstar Airbus landings, AirNZ ATR 72-500 Landing and one of the new AirNZ Airbus All Black planes taking off. Sorry for the quality. Was filmed on Iphone4s.
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Sector Flight From NZCH to NZQN

RNAV approach to NZQN.
From: louaydiab
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Orbx FTX NZQN Queenstown (P3D)

Showcase of OrbX Queenstown International Airport. A versatile airport location that can accommodate mid-sized jets as well as having a general aviation sect...
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ORBX NZQN Queenstown

A little circuit around NZQN. Plane is the Majestic Q400.
From: ftp2leta
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What Button did i just press to make that happen, lolz NZQN-NZRO, FSX DX10 with ASN REX4, FTX NZNI-NZSI-NZQN FTX Global Vectors, Fs2Crew, Track IR 5 PMDG NGX...
From: vatphil
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NZQN Approach AirSimmer A320

Taking the A320 into Queenstown.
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This is an approach to the Queenstown airport - NZQN, landing on runway 23. Airplane is PMDG 737 NGX Winglets. It is very hard to fly, there is no ILS radio....
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FSX PMDG 777 Landing NZQN Queenstown Airport

FSX PMDG 777 Landing NZQN Queenstown Airport Add-Ons: - REX Essential Plus Overdrive - PMDG 777 - N...
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NZQN ORBX Schweizer 300CBi FSX Vido

NZQN ORBX Queenstown Airport FSX Schweizer 300CBi Just Flight Musique déposé Copyright AWNG1D2 Dream Pascal RICQ Brass from with ...
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FSX PMDG 777 Landing NZQN Queenstown Airport Wingview

FSX PMDG 777 Landing NZQN Queenstown Airport Wingview Add-Ons: - REX Essential Plus Overdrive - PMDG 777
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Airbus A320 Queenstown, NZ (ZQN/NZQN) RNP Approach

A Jetstar Airbus A320SL (VH-VFO) Wingview Approaching a cloudy Queenstown on the infamous RNP approach in to RWY 23. Flight Originated from Auckland (AKL/NZA...
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Flight Simulator X Livestream #18.2 NZWB-NZQN Neben dem Let's Play FSX werde ich nun hin und wieder spontan Livestreams von Flügen am Stück hochladen. Wer die vielle...
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Nzqn rwy 23 Rnav Z approach

Pmdg 737ngx Approach into Queenstown.
From: danxxx5
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ZK-EBQ touch and go at NZQN

Training flight into Queenstown airport from Invercargill back in 2009. Flying a PA28 181.
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Take off from NZQN and flight around Christchurch

My first flight into and out of Christ and showing friends around the Christchurch/ Lyttleton areas.
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NZQN approach

Approach on NZQN.
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NZQN Schweizer 300CBi/ 3 cam in one FSX Vido

NZQN Schweizer 300CBi FSX/ trois caméra live en 1920x1080 brut de brut REX Essentials Plus overdrive /FS Recorder Alpha 2.17 /EZDOC 1.17 Musiques /vidéos Mag...
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